Modern days sysadmins (System Administrator) has multiple jobs to perform daily or when required. One of the most important jobs is the installation, configuration, and management of software or app.

Requirements of software installation and configuration may come from users, apply updates to fix security problems, and supervise software and system up-gradation.

Generally, sysadmins perform all the following tasks:

To manage the installation of software on RHEL generally, two package databases are maintained

We are living in interesting times. The epidemic has turned the world upside down. Toppled the world economy. Many jobs have ended. Many startups have collapsed. Many people are experiencing the ‘work from home’miracle. To some office, it appears exciting.
To whatsoever field we belong at this point many of us are realizing the dire need for alternate sources of income.
Digital marketing has always fascinated me. Little time I could spare to learn the skill with my busy IT job. Thanks to the blessings of the pandemic now I have enrolled myself in a much-celebrated digital marketing course.
Today I am going…

Dream Big and Make it Happens

Meet one of the names from this year’s list of “top 40 under 40 entrepreneurs” in fortune India. He has established two companies in the span of 5 years, namely “Linux Spirit Academy” and “LOVE-OPEN-SOURCE SOLUTIONS”. He drew his inspiration from Linus Torvalds, founder of the Linux kernel. He is in love with open source technology. He almost uses open source technology for everything in day to day life. He is also a passionate blogger. His blogging is focused on Digital Marketing, Linux hacks, Howtos, blog setup, DevOps training. His site attracts almost 1 million visitors every month. …

Azeem Ahmad

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